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world champion bboy



Thaiyo is a world renowned Korean b-boy currently living in Vancouver, Canada. His extensive experience in dance brings him to many places to teach workshops, and work on movie sets, as well as music videos.



  • Performer

  • Choreography

  • Entertainer



  • Dance Workshop

  • School Dance Program

  • Private/Group Lesson

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  • Motion Capture

  • Music Video

  • Movie/TV Show



Thaiyo is so talented, inspiring, and a great role model to dancers of all ages. He has such a passion for dance and passing on his knowledge, positive energy and respect to the dancers.
Hands-down the best bboy teacher!
— Crystal Chapman Evans
My daughter has been dancing with Thaiyo since she was 6 years old. He has proven to be more than a dance teacher, he is a role model to his students, emphasizing respect and self discipline. Thaiyo is an excellent dance teacher with a very solid understanding of how children learn, and this is reflected in the the level of success his students achieve and in how much they love him.
— Sara Rosenfeld