Born in the small town of Jeonju, South Korea, Thaiyo is a world-famous b-boy now a Vancouver-based artist. He started dance in 1998, and by 2002, Last For One crew was founded with ten other friends from Jeonju. By the age 23, Thaiyo won the International Battle of the Year (BOTY) 2005, in Germany, with Last For One. Thaiyo's crew was highlighted in the feature film "Planet B-boy", that followed the story of each crew that went to BOTY in 2005. Following his win at BOTY, Thaiyo and his crew became widely known throughout the world, and were continuously invited to different countries for performances, battles, and workshops. Most notably, Last For One’s performance at the Lincoln Center, in New York City, USA, as well as the 17th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony, in Seoul, South Korea. After Last For One’s rise to fame, Thaiyo’s hometown of Jeonju named a city square after the crew, Last For One Plaza, as a recognition of international success for the local team. Each crew member’s handprint and signature can be found at the plaza, which is located in the downtown core of the city. At age 27, Thaiyo moved to Vancouver, Canada, and joined Canada’s top breaking team, Now Or Never. From then on, along with competing and judging, Thaiyo became a full-time Breaking & Locking instructor. Thaiyo's style is based off of his belief that a well-rounded b-boy is a good b-boy. He combines style, power, and foundation to create his dance, and passes it on to his students with great enthusiasm.


  • 2019 Push off festival “HAKO” (Vancouver, Canada)

  • 2018 Tangent tour with OURO Collective (Nelson&Trail, Canada)

  • 2018 Breaking Convention “N.O.N crew” (Toronto, Canada)

  • 2016 Vancouver International Dance Festival “Into the Tao” (Vancouver, Canada)

  • 2015 TEDx talk VANCOUVER (Vancouver, Canada)

  • 2014 New Year Show at Queen Elizabeth theatre (Vancouver, Canada)

  • 2009 welcome performance for u.s secretary of state hilary clinton (seoul, korea)

  • 2009 Harare Music Festival (Harare, Zimbabwe)

  • 2009 New York Lincoln Center performance (New York city, USA)

  • 2008 thames festival performance (london,uk)

  • 2008 international peace festival performance (ulaanbaatar, mongolia)

  • 2008 korea 17th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony (Seoul, Korea)

  • 2008 Gala show ‘one dream’ performance (vladivostok, russia)

  • 2007 “planet bboy” promotion show in tribeca film festival (newyork, usa)

  • 2007 vibraphonic festival performance (exeter, uk)

  • 2007 Fringe Festival “Spin Odyssey” (Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • 2006 khorus festival performance (washington d.c, usa)

  • 2006 world cup pre-game event show sponsored by Hyundai (Munich, Germany)